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Amt für Wirtschaftsförderung und Wissenschaft
Haus der Wirtschaftsförderung, Heiliggeiststraße 12
69117 Heidelberg
Telefon 06221 58-30000 und -30001
Fax 06221 58-30010

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Celebrate Life Event Planning
Katrin Schmuelling _ Miss Wedding

Celebrate Life Event Planning, Wedding & Event Planning
Lutherstraße 28
69120 Heidelberg
MA European Business + Spanish Anne - Katrin Schmülling
Celebrate Life Event Planning
Lutherstraße 28
69120 Heidelberg


Celebrate Life, Celebrate Love, Celebrate Team.

If you want to celebrate in Heidelberg and if it is going to be an international celebration, then you have just found the right person to work with: Anne-Katrin Schmülling is the wedding and event planner specialized in organising weddings and events (also team buildings) for people from all over the world. Languages spoken: Englsh, French, Spanish, German. 

Find out more on www.celebratelife-events.com


Finding the right location, the right partners to set up the venue with, decorate it with furniture, flowers and all sorts of details, I am so well connected, that nothing is difficult or undoable. You are more than welcome to find out more information on quotes, prices and the way we work together.

Please get in touch via email or call on 0049 - 179 862 83 48.

Warm regards,

Yourls Anne-Katrin